What’s the Texas Dental Association (TDA)?
The Texas Dental Association is the professional organization of dentists in the state. TDA is the state-level version of the American Dental Association (ADA). Dentists who join TDA are members of the ADA, and also their local group, called a component society. TDA has been helping dentists serve their patients since 1871.

Are all dentists TDA members?
Dentists’ membership in TDA is voluntary. A majority of dentists in Texas are members, but not all.

Why choose a TDA member dentist?

  • TDA members are required to abide by the ADA Principles of Ethics.

    Click HERE to learn more about the Principles of Ethics, and what that means.

  • TDA members are informed and up-to-date.

    TDA member dentists have access to a wealth of research and continuing education available to them, helping them maintain and further their clinical knowledge.

  • TDA members are connected.

    Dentists who belong to TDA also belong to the American Dental Association and their local society. That means they are accountable to their peers. And if they need to refer a patient to another dentist, they have access to a network of trusted, known colleagues. 

Why Choose a TDA member dentist?
​Not all licensed dentists are TDA members. Here's why it matters.